DSM - Biochemical Derivatives Ltd was appointed in December 1997 as the local agent for DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd. and DSM Nutritional Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd. South Africa (DNP), formerly known as Roche Vitamins Europe Ltd., and Roche Vitamins South Africa respectively, a subsidiary of F. Hoffman La-Roche (F.H.L.R.) of Switzerland for the Human Nutrition area.

The appointment was as a result of a worldwide restructuring of F.H.L.R. to ensure a more customer focused operation in Nigeria.

On 1st October 2004, Roche Vitamins Ltd. was acquired by DSM, a Dutch company with its head office in Netherlands.

From our operation, customers can look forward to a more dedicated and efficient service from our Company as well as from the Nutrition & Health Manager for DSM Nutritional Products S.A (Pty) Ltd. South Africa, covering the Sub-Saharan African region, who is also supporting our activities.
DNP, the world leader in the production of vitamins as raw materials and specialty ingredients offers technical advice for product development from the point of conceptualization to production.
The role of Biochemical Derivatives (BDL) is to support DNP's technical advisory role and to ensure a ready stock of DNP's vitamins and quick delivery of those needed in the market, while at the same time delivering the products at the most competitive prices.

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BDL has been doing business with Akras Flavours AG, who incidentally have been in the flavour industry for over 75 years, offering solutions for different flavour applications/markets

Akras Flavours GmbH - www.akras.at


Givaudan Vernier SA Fragrances is the world leader in the production of Fragrances and Flavours.

In 2001 Biochemical Derivatives was appointed as the Nigerian agent for Givaudan Vernier SA (Fragrances Division). This involves the marketing and sales of fragrances to industries in the Toiletries and Cosmetic sector.

Givaudan Fragrances - www.givaudan.com